Success of France's 35hr week censored


France's 35hr working week was mentioned by Project Censored (Censored 2001), as a news story "censored or under-covered in the U.S. corporate media". ( Here's the blurb:

France's 35 Hour Work Week
Author: Andres Hayden

A 35-hour workweek in France has shown positive economic results. As of January 1, 2000, a 35-hour workweek has been the legal standard in France. Since the 35-hour law was announced, unemployment has declined from 12.5 percent to 11.1 percent due to renewed growth and the effect of shortened hours. This, combined with surging investor and consumer confidence, has disproved claims by employers and right-wing economists that the project would drive up labor costs, scare away investment, and destroy jobs. A poll in September found that 84 percent of workers who have had their hours reduced said there were more advantages and 75 percent said their quality of life had improved.

35hr week a success

The Daily Telegraph (3/1/01) reported that the 35-hour week in France has been an economic success: "one year after the introduction of the 35 hour week, the French economy is flourishing. Unemployment is falling, growth is steady and the workforce is happier than at any time in recent memory."

(Background: at the start of 2000, French minister Martine Aubry introduced legislation limiting work to a maximum of 35 hours per week. At the time, many French company bosses thought Madame Aubry's law was naive, would lead to an uncompetitive French economy, and would fail to reduce unemployment as intended.)