BBC deal to "not criticise" UK government


In a September 2004 Channel 4 documentary*, former BBC Chairman, Gavyn Davies, described a "deal" he made with Tony Blair (after the Hutton inquiry over Iraq and the death of David Kelly):

"we, the BBC, would not criticise the government... and [Blair] wouldn't call for resignations at the BBC".

Davies seemed to think this agreement to not criticise government was perfectly normal and acceptable. He rationalised:

"I was happy with that ... I didn't think we were a political party that should criticise the government".

As if it follows that one shouldn't broadcast critical analysis if one isn't a political party. As if media organisations without direct political affiliations should be "uncritical" in all matters. As if the public consists entirely of morons who will swallow such rubbish.

*Channel 4, 'Betrayed by New Labour', 19/9/04