Iraq memory hole


Many people believe that real scepticism over Iraqi weapons of mass destruction emerged only after the March 2003 invasion. In fact, the weapons inspectors were rubbishing intelligence reports of WMD well before the invasion, as the following newspaper report demonstrates:

US spy chiefs were branded "time wasters" yesterday after weapons inspectors rubbished their evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Angry and frustrated at being given vague or wrong information, a senior member of the UN team said they had been fed "garbage after garbage after garbage". The inspector said: "It took a long time for the US to hand over intelligence in the first place and when they did it has proved to be highly inaccurate. "Intelligence is circumstantial, outdated or completely wrong. It's wasting our time and our resources. Frankly, we have better things to do than run around the country chasing bogus so-called evidence." (Daily Mirror, 22/2/03)

CIA recruits Saddam's thugs

September 2003 – Saddam Hussein's secret police are being recruited by the CIA. According to the Sunday Times, the US is covertly recruiting former officers of Saddam's infamous secret police, the Mukhabarat, who were responsible for murder and torture.

More to come from the Iraq memory hole soon...