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More insanity from Gabriele Zamparini  
Posted by SteveK September 19 2007, 13:27 » Uploaded 19/9/07 15:26  

I've been following up some of the stuff Zamparini's been writing over at Medialens (with the apparent support, if not the enthusiastic encouragement, of the Medialens editors). Some of this stuff really is from the Twilight Zone of paranoid delusion.

He seems to hold Iraq Body Count responsible for all the world's ills. For example he writes:

"IBC and its figures are the main instrument used by the warmongers to hide the real human cost of this carnage. IBC did all it could to help the warmongers’ propaganda. Yet, IBC has been used not only by the mainstream media but by too many on the left and the alternative media (included ZNet) when it was clear from the beginning what that operation was all about." [link to source]

It was "clear from the beginning" to whom? To the guy who's been spamming Usenet? (with claims that TV newsreaders and MI5 are conspiring to telepathically control viewers?) Perhaps IBC are behind that plot too?

As is typical with those who harbour paranoid delusions, Zamparini presents no evidence to support his wild accusations.

The problem is that to many he's not regarded as a nut. Some people (including Medialens apparently) think he's some sort of "serious" activist. And he's incredibly prolific in sending out emails and stirring things up in discussion groups across the net. It seems to be a full time occupation for him.

I think anyone involved in campaigning/activism/dissent should avoid him like the plague. At least until he's got his act together.

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Comment 01 – OhYeah? September 19 2007, 17:06

I don't think you understand. Gabriele and the two guys running Medialens are among the few people on the planet who are appalled by human suffering.

There's less than twenty such people - Chomsky, Pilger, Medialens Dave 1, Medialens Dave 2, Gabriele, and a few others.

The rest of us - billions of everyday folk - aren't appalled by human suffering. Or if we are, we're not doing anything about it. Or if we are doing something about it, it's not the RIGHT thing. The RIGHT thing is to spend your time copying and pasting Medialens alerts, and sending them to the Guardian or IBC. That's how we're going to save the planet from suffering.

So, please. No more criticism of Gabriele or Medialens. They are the true saviours. That gives them a licence to dissemble and spin. It's for the greater good. It even gives them a licence to bore us silly.

Comment 02 – ALP September 20 2007, 13:10

Zamparini has an interesting way of framing the issue. On several occasions I've seen him insert the phrase "IBC vs Lancet" into his various forum posts, emails, blogs, etc. As if there's a war being fought between a small group of volunteer activists (IBC) and a medical journal (or a label for two studies). His latest post at Medialens is titled: 'IBC vs. Lancet - IBC's view in Toronto Star's article - my email to the editor'. That's fairly typical. Melodramatic confrontations between black and white seem to be his bag. Usually with a large dose of moral outrage, and sloppiness regarding the facts.



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