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New poll results from ORB  
Posted by Peter on October 6 2007, 19:42 » Uploaded 06/10/07 20:17  

The latest from this highly credible polling organisation:

October 2007 – Halloween Poll

Younger people support calls for a more positive Halloween

An ORB survey conducted on behalf of the Church of England reveals that 36 per cent of people “strongly” believe that a broader range of brighter products should be made available for parents to buy for their children to mark the occasion, with a further 30 per cent open to the idea. This echoes the Church’s call for supermarkets to offer more positive products at Halloween, rather than items such as monster masks and costumes based on horror movies. Almost half (45 per cent) of the parents interviewed feel ‘strongly’ that there should be a choice of alternative Halloween goods for children, while among the youngest people interviewed (aged 18-24) the figure rises to nearly six in ten (58 per cent).


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Comment 01 – Stephen October 07 2007, 13:41

The guidelines state:

[Please note: posts which consist solely of material copied from other sites won't be archived, as there is little point. The "permanent" post option is for material which isn't stored anywhere else].

All Peter does is cut and paste a press release, and top it with an apparent gibe:

"The latest from this highly credible polling organisation:"

If Peter has a point to make, why doesn't he make it plainly?

[Stephen, please see my note about posting under multiple identities. Thanks - Board admin.]

Comment 02 – Peter October 07 2007, 16:08

Stephen, my point could hardly be plainer. And posting a single paragraph in a temporary post certainly isn't against any guidelines of this board.

But your actions (apparently using sock puppets and pretending to be other people) do seem to be against the guidelines.



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