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Email to BBC News Online editor  
Posted by Nick Phillips on October 9 2007, 15:50 » Uploaded 09/10/07 16:32  

Dear Steve,

The BBC web page covering the murder of Rizwan Darbar includes the wording:

"...the rise in violence among teenagers".

It might be worth putting this alleged "rise" in context, eg:

Total homicides, age 5-16 (1995): 44
Total homicides, age 5-16 (2006): 20


Fatal shootings, all ages (1995): 66
Fatal shootings, all ages (2006): 50

Fatal stabbings, all ages (1995): 243
Fatal stabbings, all ages (2006): 212

Sources: Home Office Statistical Bulletin 02/07 - Homicides, Firearm Offences and Intimate Violence 2005/2006, Table 1.07, page 22); Guardian 28/8/07,,2157406,00.html


Dr Nick Phillips
Media Sceptic Group

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