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Right has it right?  
Posted by gwinnie on October 12 2007, 16:59 » Uploaded 13/10/07 09:35  
"Today's left doesn't have anything positive to offer to young people," says Yaron Brook, director of the Ayn Rand Institute. "When they were socialists, there was at least something they were fighting for, and they believed in a right and a wrong. Today's leftist agenda is negative and nihilistic - focused on stopping industrialisation, capitalism and even Western civilisation. But young people want positive values. That's why religion is so strong today, because many view it as the only thing that promises a brighter future.

"Ayn Rand is the only voice that offers a secular absolutist morality with a positive vision and agenda, for individuals and for society as a whole."

The quote above is taken from an article in today's Independent, on Ayn Rand's influence on political thinking in the US, looking for answers why so many of the electorate vote against their interests.

Is the left too fragmented and riven with infighting?

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Comment 01 – Brian D October 13 2007, 10:00

Thanks for that, gwinnie. I've corresponded with several followers of Ayn Rand who have read some of my articles over the years (the anti-authoritarian elements apparently appealing to them).

I wouldn't want to generalise too much, but, boy, do they hate Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is a hate figure to them as much as Bush is to the left.

The ones I corresponded with seemed like members of a dogmatic religious cult, with capitalism as the religion. But it appears there's also a dogmatic cult on the left too, which in many ways looks like a mirror image of the Ayn Rand cult - capitalism is the devil rather than the god. I guess in these anxious times people want simple black-and-white causes that they can emotionally identify with.

Comment 02 – Luke October 13 2007, 17:32

Yeah but capitalism *is* the devil. Look at the devastation on the planet it's wreaked, for one thing.

Comment 03 – Brian D October 13 2007, 19:52

Yes, it looks that way if by "capitalism" you mean the zillions of different human activities and systems that led to all that destruction - excluding the zillions of human activities that didn't lead to that destruction. That semantic equation would give you the devil, for sure.





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