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How it all got started  
Posted by Winston Smith on November 2 2007, 13:27 » Uploaded 02/11/07 14:38  

Since mass compulsory schooling was instituted to create the kind of people needed for the new industrial society, obedient workers, soldiers for the army, etc., indeed, to create the only kind of people who would live this way, wouldn't it make the most sense to attack mass compulsory schooling before anything else? After all, if people are generally uncritical, it is because they were socialized to be that way in school, and aren't we wasting our time trying to hammer home alternative messages to people who were schooled to ignore it anyway? It seems we expend all our energy on incidentals, but not on the very foundation of the wage slave state - that institution that raised us to live in a wage slave state. Many thanks.

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Comment 01 – Phil November 2 2007, 15:27

I agree with that, Winston. Btw, there's a useful Media Hell article on this theme (originally published by the Idler magazine), titled Compulsory Education?

Phil (Board admin.)

Comment 02 – gwinnie November 4 2007, 11:09

Surely most people who consider themselves free thinkers have come through the school system? I think in principle a state education system is as valuable as a state health system. Having said that, I am concerned at the state of the education system as I am at the state of the health system.

And this includes a very established part of the (British, in the main) school system, namely the school uniform. Wearing a uniform is the first step in restricting creativity. It serves to train children to fall in line without thinking, without questioning. The first thing you do in the morning is get dressed. And so the uniform removes choice from the first moment the day starts. It confuses the boundaries. With uniforms, school mode starts from the moment the child gets up. It invades the home environment. School should start within the school gates, and end there too (except for homework, the validity of which too is debatable for the very young).


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