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Lancet Iraq survey  
Posted by PMJ on November 10 2007, 10:52 » Uploaded 10/11/07 14:09  

This is a very interesting site you have here, and I must congratulate you on the fresh and original approach in an area which can be repetitive and "samey" from one site to the next.

One slight niggle though. There are quite a few messages here which criticise the Lancet surveys. I think it should be clear by mow that supporters of the war have been trying to dismiss and discredit the Lancet. Those of us opposed to calamity in Iraq should stand in solidarity behind it. What is the point in raising all these criticisms about survey methodology?

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Comment 01 – Peter November 10 2007, 17:06

Those who have reached the point at which facts are taken as a threat are not likely to argue from a position of reason. If it's a fact that there are problems with the Lancet survey's documentation (or lack of) regarding how it achieved the all-important "random" sampling (this is one of the points raised in a previous thread which I presume you are reacting to), then it's reasonable to raise such facts and address their implications.

If the mere act of doing so makes you a target for attacks by some group of the "left", then I, for one, would not recognise such a group as being worthy of belonging to the wider antiwar movement (which is not so afraid of inconvenient facts).

Comment 02 – Several Famous Epidemiologists November 13 2007, 19:56

The group that Peter refers to is presumably Medialens. We note that Medialens, despite all their protestations, still haven't added corrections to their latest alert on IBC. They are very inisistent and persistent in getting journalists to issue corrections in the proper place, yet they never publish corrections to their own errors in the proper place (i.e. permanently attached to the offending alert).


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