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Zero coverage of the Iraq Freedom Congress  
Posted by ALP on November 15 2007, 12:21 » Uploaded 16/11/07 12:39

This group has received zero coverage in the mass media, and almost none in alternative media (eg,, Only the The World War 4 Report ( appears to cover it.

Seems a strange omission to me.

From the Wiki:

The IFC has organized self-defense Safety Forces that patrol neighborhoods in Baghdad with a population of around 5,000. They have reduced sectarian violence there to zero.

In September 2006, US troops raided the Baghdad office of the IFC, for the crime of putting up posters and banners opposing the US occupation of Iraq. Troops confiscated most of the office's property and destroyed most of what they left behind.

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Comment 01 – David Storr November 16 2007, 23:06

Interesting. I'd never heard of this group before you brought this up. According to the write-ups they're exactly the kind of organisation that the US and UK governments said they wanted to work with - democratic, progressive, non-violent - but at the end of the day they're just another group that US forces murder and destroy.


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