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Rounding up protesters?  
Posted by gwinnie on November 30 2007, 14:53 » Uploaded 30/11/07 15:02  

In the Teddygate protests in Khartoum, how many people took to the streets?

(a) Thousands, says the BBC. (

(b) Hundreds, says CNN. (

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Comment 01 – gwinnie December 1 2007, 09:55

Ah, today the BBC has changed it to "Crowds" ...

Comment 02 – ALP Decemeber 1 2007, 11:34

I hadn't heard about this until a joke about it on Have I got News for You. Generally these days I find that comedy shows are the best places to get the "news". Or, rather, comedy provides a saner context than the pomposity of typical news presentation.




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