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Response from BBC (to my email)  
Posted by Nick Phillips on December 1 2007, 10:15 » Uploaded 01/12/07 11:44  

Just received the following from the BBC, in response to an email I sent about their claim of "...the rise in violence among teenagers" (see below):-

Dear Nick

Your email regarding BBC coverage of teenage murders has been passed to me by Steve Hermann as the story it was concerning was written by one of my teams.

I'm sorry there has been a delay in responding to your email, but I had been waiting to speak to the reporter who had written the story with the line "the rise in violence among teenagers".

This line has since been removed as it was not something directly said by the police officer featured. If it had been, then I agree with you that the story would need some data or context to illustrate the point, which I have spoken to the reporter concerned about.

Best wishes,

Kate Newman
Assistant Editor
BBC News English Regions

Dear Steve,

The BBC web page covering the murder of Rizwan Darbar includes the wording:

"...the rise in violence among teenagers".

It might be worth putting this alleged "rise" in context, eg:

Total homicides, age 5-16 (1995): 44
Total homicides, age 5-16 (2006): 20


Fatal shootings, all ages (1995): 66
Fatal shootings, all ages (2006): 50

Fatal stabbings, all ages (1995): 243
Fatal stabbings, all ages (2006): 212

Sources: Home Office Statistical Bulletin 02/07 - Homicides, Firearm Offences and Intimate Violence 2005/2006, Table 1.07, page 22); Guardian 28/8/07,,2157406,00.html


Dr Nick Phillips
Media Sceptic Group

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Comment 01 – Pete Durham December 2 2007, 16:24

A small victory, but still worthwhile.



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