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New report: Tabloid readers' perceptions of crime  
Posted by Brian D on December 3 2007, 10:10 » Uploaded 03/12/07 10:12  

According to a new report from the British Crime Survey researchers, readers of tabloid newspapers are more likely to believe that crime (in the country as a whole) is rising "a lot" (more likely than broadsheet readers, that is).

No big surprise, but I don't mind having academic research confirm my prejudices.

• The report also finds that the elderly (age 65 to 74) are most likely to believe that crime has risen a lot (ironically, they're the group least likely to be victims of crime).

• And those with "higher education" are apparently less likely to believe the propaganda about escalating crime.

See page 66 of Attitudes, perceptions and risks of crime: Supplementary Volume 1 to Crime in England and Wales 2006/07 (pdf file)

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