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The "liberal" media
Posted by Ged on December 10 2007, 13:01 » Uploaded 10/12/07 20:22  

Whats Media Hells take on the Guardian and Independent?

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Comment 01 – Danny K December 10 2007, 20:40

Mixed bags. They don't do real counterculture though. Chomsky and Pilger - the established left of yesterday - is as far as they take it.

Comment 02 – Brian D December 10 2007, 23:14

Without comprehensive "statistical" analysis of the contents of a newspaper over a long enough period, one can't offer more than opinion.

In the absence of that, and with an enormous amount of content to go through, one tends to select only the examples that confirm one's prejudices. So I don't trust my opinions on this too much.

I wrote a regular column for the Guardian last year. The editor would insert little bits of text that had a style which I loathed ("journalist cliché breezy-lite"). All the surrounding pieces had the same "breezy" style. I think that's how you "kill" the "countercultural" element that Danny mentioned above. (The first thing you notice about writings in good countercultural publications is the "otherness" of the prose - causing your brain to reframe all over the show).

Comment 03 – Mordecai December 11 2007, 10:52

I don't care about the Guardian. It's less important in the scheme of things than people think. A lot of people get worked up about it for some reason- Right-wingers think it's a degenerate "liberal establishment" organ, and so do left-wingers. If it shifted either way, to the satisfaction of the conservative or radicals, it still wouldn't change anything. It's websites ok.

Comment 04 – Karl Watzlawick December 11 2007, 14:36

The Guardian and Independent can't shake establishment framing. Even when they publish uncompromising voices like Pilger it's all somehow so "business as usual". Oh yes, there goes Pilger, Monbiot etcetera) - we already know his/her opinions. You can present the establishment view and anti-establishment views alongside each other, but they both just reinforce the establishment framing, because the anti-establishment writers are too busy criticising people (that is their job, they think) to create new grids of reference.


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