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Open Wiki - Alternative media  
Posted by Christina W on December 12 2007, 11:30 » Uploaded 30/11/07 12:33  

Open Wiki is something we've looked at, but, alas, our site hosting provider doesn't supply the wiki software off the peg, so it would mean more development work than we have time for at present.

That doesn't stop people making use of the technology elsewhere. It's a good way to create a body of content which isn't controlled or censored by gatekeepers.

The Infoshop Open Wiki is a good example. Another good one is Anarchopedia.

These are both anarchist sources, which is apt considering how Wiki is supposed to work.

Perhaps some forward-thinking people with plenty of spare time could set up an open wiki for media criticism? We'd be happy to contribute content to bulk it out.

Best wishes,

Christina Webb
Media Sceptic Group

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Comment 01 – David Storr December 13 2007, 10:08

The Wiki thing has taken off in a big way. Have you seen the wiki of wikis:

Comment 02 – Julie December 13 2007, 14:12

I do like Infoshop but it's always slow for some reason. Which isn't agood thing if you're trying to encourage contributions.

Comment 03 – iFaked23 December 14 2007, 17:58

I'm still waiting for a McLuhan wiki. Never mind, here's the beginning of a new media wiki:[...]






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