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Framing "war"  
Posted by Brian D on December 22 2007, 20:34 » Uploaded 22/12/07 20:56  

Here's a substantial piece of Christmas reading for you... George Lakoff's 1990/91 paper, Metaphor and War. It was an early attempt at using the Internet (it was widely distributed by email) to challenge conventional wisdom regarding "war" - in this case the 1991 Gulf War.

He analyses various ways in which - whether we like it or not - war gets metaphorically framed by "professionals" and public alike. Including:

- War as a Competitive Game

- War as Medicine

- War as Violent Crime

- The Fairy Tale of the Just War

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Comment 01 – Brigid December 24 2007, 16:53

Thanks Brian, it was an interesting read. :)

Comment 02 – Karl Watzlawick December 27 2007, 10:21

Excellent. I thought I'd read most of Lakoff's published output, but I hadn't seen that one before.

Comment 03 – Pete Durham January 02 2008, 11:02

The metaphor of moral accounting ("A wrongdoer incurs a debt, and he must be made to pay") is apt wrt Iraq, as Gulf War 2 was partly about the Saudis wanting payment of the debt they saw Iraq owing as war peparartions from GW1.

Comment 04 – Pete Durham January 02 2008, 16:02

"Peparartions" - you must be thinking "that's a word I've never come across before". To save you a trip to the dictionary, I meant "reparations".




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