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Posted by Ged on December 31 2007, 15:11 » Uploaded 01/01/08 17:31  

Media Hell's companion site, Anxiety Culture, does very well attracting traffic, compared to various other dissident sites. The rankings are from (Lowest figures = highest rankings)

Traffic rankings 1 2 50 689 55,722 154,896 180,501 241,222 295,464 358,600 359,073 437,675 608,504 615,875 632,796 783,450 1,421,741 3,061,126[...]

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Comment 01 – Brian D December 31 2007, 18:19

We do get a lot of visitors at Anxiety Culture, but I think these rankings must be inaccurate. For example, I strongly doubt we're getting more visitors than best-selling author Greg Palast.

The last time I checked we were getting around a million unique visitors per year. I should probably blow my own trumpet about that, as unlike many other popular 'dissident' sites, Anxiety Culture

- isn't easily categorised
- (and so) doesn't have a ready-built audience
- isn't promoted anywhere by anyone
- isn't a collaborative project (it's just me)
- isn't based around a well-known person
- has no obvious affinity groups

Ged was kind enough not to mention that Media Hell gets a diabolical ranking (although at just under 3 millionth, not quite as bad as Howard Zinn). I suppose that's to be expected for a new site. (Actually our server stats don't put MH that far below AC - another reason to doubt the accuracy of these rankings.

It's interesting to see the Times and the Sun rank well below the Guardian in internet readership (whilst pulverizing the liberal rag in print numbers).

And I see that the BBC has used our licence fees - without asking our permission - to extend its illegal-invasion-apologising gentlemanly mass-murdering black-iron-prison establishment propaganda empire to the web. That really pisses me off when I see people who can't afford a TV licence criminalised for watching telly.

Comment 02 – Ged January 01 2007, 20:41

I'm surprised people such as John Pilger don't do better, as they already have campaigning infrastructure (eg Znet) set up, with sympathetic readership and linking community, not to mention being relatively famous. Anyone with what you could call the typical radical left set of viewpoints and the ability to put a few sentences together should be able to easily plug straight into that infrastructure to generate an audience.

Comment 03 – Julie January 02 2007, 09:57

Social networking ranks much higher than alternative news. Four in the top 10 alongside the googles and wiki. Satire ranks well too, with the Onion ranking at 3,000, not far below mainstream newspapers.

Comment 04 – Donnie Darko January 02 2007, 11:14

Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Bandwidth! ;)





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