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El Libertario  
Posted by Markie on January 4 2008, 09:27 » Uploaded 04/01/08 10:36  

As you know, recent events put Venezuela in a position of unique interest. And there are always more than 2 sides to a story, despite what the mainstream press and the "alternative" press tell you.

El Libertario is the website of a group of Venezuelan anarchists. While mainstream mass media provides coverage from the US government's state-corporate capitalist viewpoint, and alternative media largely from Chavez's democratic socialist viewpoint, El Libertario critiques both of these from an anti-authoritarian viewpoint. Most of the website is in Spanish but there is also an English section. (English section - recommended)


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Comment 01 – Mark Warner January 04 2007, 13:10

Thanks - it's actually a very good resource. I'm a fan Hugo Chávez's ability to take on the big western players in this political chess game, but let's not forget he's a big player himself - former OPEC president who understands how the oil cartel works.



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