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Dream Detective  
Posted by Brian D on January 17 2008, 12:19 » Uploaded 17/01/08 19:06  

Some light relief - a new cartoon with artwork by lowbrow maestro Robert Williams. Pity it's so short. I'd put it in the realm of "outsider art", like David Lynch's web creations. Next installment coming soon.


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Comment 01 – Brian D January 17 2007, 19:39

Second thoughts, they're both too well-known to call "outsider" artists. But, you know what I mean - it's not Davina McCall. You have to have some sort of connection to your brain stem to appreciate them.

Comment 02 – gwinnie January 19 2007, 12:36

I want to know what happens next! :D

* and gwinnie breathes a sigh of relief at the realisation that her brain must be in working order *



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