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And so it begins...  
Posted by gwinnie on February 7 2008, 12:57 » Uploaded 07/02/08 13:08  

"New fingerprint and facial scans at Heathrow's Terminal 5 will improve security dramatically for passengers.

A spokesperson for British Airways (BA) - the airline which will make sole use of the new terminal when it opens in March 2008 - said that the new systems would be effective security measures on top of existing protocols.

He explained: "The way the system is going to work is that the majority of our operation - both domestic and international - will move into Terminal 5 eventually, and that mixes up passengers for domestic and international destinations.

"So what we're doing is having one security system.

"As you pass through that security system, biometric information is taken which, when you board the aircraft, is checked with the individual that's boarding."

When asked if the systems would be installed in other airports, the spokesperson explained that that was a matter for government and airport operators to decide.

"From an airline's perspective we obviously just follow the rules and regulations that are set down that we have to abide by - that goes without saying," he concluded."

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Comment 01 – Pete Durham February 7 2008, 15:32

Thanks gwinnie. It's scary stuff. Be sure to check out the leaked government document I posted:



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