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Is this Dennis a menace?
Posted by gwinnie February 8 2008, 15:10 » Uploaded 08/02/08 18:55  

So how come, with all the wall-to-wall coverage of the US electioneering, there was nothing on Dennis Kucinich, who has now withdrawn?

----- From his site:

Since being elected to Congress in 1996, Kucinich has been a tireless advocate for workers' rights, civil rights and human rights.

He has authored and co-sponsored legislation to create a national, not-for-profit health care system, preserve Social Security, lower the costs of prescription drugs, provide economic development through infrastructure improvements, abolish the death penalty, provide universal pre-kindergarten to all 3, 4, and 5 year olds, create a Department of Peace, regulate genetically engineered foods, repeal the USA PATRIOT Act, and provide tax relief to working class families. He has also opposed trade policies that resulted in the out-sourcing of millions of U.S. manufacturing jobs. And, he has also introduced legislation to begin impeachment proceedings against Vice President Dick Cheney to investigate his role in providing false and misleading information to the Congress and to the American people leading up to the invasion of Iraq.

Kucinich is widely regarded as the most vocal opponent of the Iraq War in the U.S. Congress. In 2002, when the Administration was pushing for a resolution of authorization to proceed with military intervention, Kucinich rallied 125 member of the House to vote against the authorization measure. He has voted against every war funding authorization bill since, and he is the author of legislation to end the war, withdraw all U.S. forces, and turn security and peace-keeping responsibilities over to a multi-national force that includes representatives from countries in the region.

In 2004 and in 2007, he brought many of those issues to the national debate as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President. He has been widely credited with shaping the debate on those issues and forcing the other candidates to re-visit, modify, and in many cases reverse their past positions.

In his Congressional District, which includes parts of Cleveland and several western and southern suburban communities, Kucinich has been recognized by the Greater Cleveland AFL-CIO as a tireless advocate for the social and economic interests of his constituents.
Kucinich led the effort to save Cleveland's 90 year-old steel industry and the thousands of jobs and retiree benefits it provides. While hundreds of community hospitals have been closed throughout the country, Kucinich led a community-based effort to reopen two Cleveland neighborhood hospitals.

He also worked with the nation's largest railroads to create a merger agreement that improved rail safety while diverting a heavy volume of train traffic away from heavily populated residential areas of his district. Kucinich has also been a strong advocate for preserving and expanding the critical the role of the NASA Glenn Research Center, which is in his district.

For those efforts and others, he has been honored by the Cleveland AFL-CIO, the Ohio PTA, the NASA Glenn Research Center, the Salvation Army, the United States Post Office, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, Ohio's Boys Town, and the Human Rights Campaign.

Nationally, he has received similar honors and accolades from Public Citizen, the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth and the League of Conservation Voters as a champion of clean air, clean water and an unspoiled earth. Kucinich has twice been an official United States delegate to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (1998, 2004) and attend the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Domestic Policy subcommittee in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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