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Abolish the license!  
Posted by Trev on February 17 2008, 14:02 » Uploaded 18/02/08 10:10  

Excellent site! You'll likely be interested in the campaign to abolish the TV license:

Do not co-operate with the BBC’s TV licensing inspectors. Do not admit them into your home. Do not make any admissions. Sign nothing! Tell them to go away. Don’t even tell them your name. And don’t worry about the detector vans. Click here to find out more.

Know your legal rights. You are under no obligation to cooperate with the BBC’s TV Licensing ‘Enforcement’ officers. Click here to find out more.

Fight for justice. The TV license discriminates against the poor. 8,000 people a month are prosecuted, most of them are on benefits. The TV licence is a fortnight’s income for a single mother on child support. 12 per cent of cases in our magistrates courts are brought by BBC prosecutors. Click here to find out more.

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