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Bertrand Russell: In Praise of Idleness  
Posted by Brian D on February 18 2008, 10:45 » Uploaded 18/02/08 10:47  

For those not already familiar with Russell's revolutionary essay:

Other writings of Bertrand Russell available on the web:

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Comment 01 – Jon February 18 2008, 11:51

Thanks, I hadn't read that. He makes some fairly strong and original points. On a related theme, you might be interested in an essay about the French system (the 35-hr week thing):[...]

Comment 02 – Russ Bridger February 18 2008, 13:24

"Without the leisure class, mankind would never have emerged from barbarism." Shocking but probably true - only the aristocracy and the monks had both the time and the resources for "intellectual development" (with some exceptions of course).





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