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Posted by Mondo on February 25 2008, 11:47 » Uploaded 25/02/08 14:25  

• Bush: History Will Look Favorably
On Iraq War

Just as it does on Vietnam.

• Vatican Toughens Rules on Sainthood
Pope to build 700-mile fence around heaven.

• Florida to Allow Use of Word
“Evolution” in School Texts

Breakthrough could eventually lead to students walking upright.

• Astronomers Find Solar System
Much Like Ours
Planets even have similar names.

• UK: 50% of Men Would Give Up Sex for 6 Months for 50-Inch Plasma TV
For 60-inch set, 30% would undergo castration.

Last week, due to a production error, we mistakenly quoted GOP presidential hopeful John McCain as saying, "I hope to avoid him like the plague." In fact, his actual statement was, "I welcome the President's endorsement." We apologize for any confusion.

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