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'Boil a frog' ID card rollout to 2012  
Posted by Markie on March 7 2008, 07:46 » Uploaded 07/03/08 08:22  

'Boil a frog' ID card rollout to continue until 2012

By John Lettice

Thursday 6th March 2008 14:15 GMT

The latest stage in the long slow death of the UK ID scheme became official this morning, as Home Secretary Jacqui Smith unveiled a two-pronged revised delivery plan, aimed first at selected groups of workers and teenagers. This effectively confirms the strategy proposed by the leaked ID scheme Options Analysis earlier this year, and kicks back the widespread issuing of the cards until 2012.

Options Analysis raised some doubts over the future of fingerprints in the ID scheme, suggesting that it might not be practical to collect these prior to the inclusion of fingerprints in passports, which it assumed would need to happen "at some point in the future." The latest document, available here, commits to adding fingerprints in passports in 2012, but is not specific about whether or not they will be universally employed in ID cards issued prior to this date.

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Comment 01 – doc March 07 2008, 13:47

56% of those voting in a Daily Mail poll have siad they're not prepared to carry an ID card (44% of the fools say they will). Poll is still running as of today:[...]

Comment 02 – Zoidbug March 10 2008, 15:24

The Internet provides a pretty good indication that many, many, MANY - did I emphasise "many" enough? - people dislike being ID'd by total strangers. Where would the Net be without names like Zoidbug, eh, doc?



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