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Vatican lists 7 new mortal sins  
Posted by David Storr on March 14 2008, 07:25 » Uploaded 14/03/08 09:21  

In an effort to appeal to the modern Catholic, the Vatican has announced a list of seven new mortal sins.

Father James Martin on the importance of updating the 1,500-year-old sin list: "I think it's to remind people that sins are not just individual," .... "There's also social sins .. .sins that affect the community at large and sins that an institution can engage in."

The New Mortal Sins

1.) genetic modification

2.) carrying out experiments on humans

3.) polluting the environment

4.) causing social injustice

5.) causing poverty

6.) becoming obscenely wealthy

7.) taking drugs

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Comment 01 – Zoidbug March 10 2008, 11:08

No need to comment on number 7, I think.

And how about "Demanding higher standards of behaviour from others than of oneself"?

Comment 02 – Pete Durham March 10 2008, 11:25

8.) using altar boys for sexual gratification.

9.) money laundering for the CIA and mafia.

Or are those already covered?

Comment 03 – ALP March 10 2008, 12:01

Obscene wealth apparently doesn't bother Protestants too much - it's seen as a sign of God's grace. On the thinking behind 6., it's reported that the Pope was overheard instructing his underlings that "...we've gotta make those Protestant fucks look bad" (English trans. from Italian by Daily Telegraph).




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