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Metamorality in action  
Posted by gwinnie on March 16 2008, 12:41 » Uploaded 16/03/08 13:59  

Tying in to an earlier thread on this forum, the one on Metamorality.

There is a government information ad that warns that your car is likely to get crushed if you don't insure it. And they're not messing. According to the Association of British Insurers some 45,000 cars and vans were crushed last year. The state is taking private property and destroying it. (And not even recycling or reusing at that, but that is a secondary issue.)

So looking at the framework, the underlying symbolism of this campaign is that our property is state property. But if you then also look at the proposals for compulsory ID cards, the presumed-consent organ donation and a compulsory DNA database, the underlying message extends beyond our property and to our very bodies are state property and if we do not do what the state says we will be crushed...

Record numbers of uninsured cars crushed


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Comment 01 – Board admin. March 16 2008, 14:23

Hi gwinnie, thanks for that. The earlier thread you mentioned, on "metamorality" is still available:

I agree about the symbolism - particularly of ID cards and biometrics, that our bodies are the property of the government. It's pretty creepy. And what is even creepier is the apparent lack of concern from a large portion of the populace.

Or maybe it's not a lack of concern. Maybe it's just overshadowed by the media-hyped concern over terrorism, crime and identity theft.

If the government get away with it, they'll push the envelope further. When the TV license inspectors come round, they'll request a urine sample to make sure you haven't ingested anything illegal. It's for your own good, and the good of your kids. Hey why not? It saves on public spending if two functions can be performed in one visit.

Another thing on property. If the economy really collapses in a big way, I wonder how easy it will be for banks to say: "sorry, we don't have your 5,000 pounds of hard-earned savings. We're not liable in the event of major economic catastrophes. See the small print, section 9638a subsection 467.iig clause 274832".

Comment 02 – gwinie March 16 2008, 16:42

"And what is even creepier is the apparent lack concern from a large portion of the populace."

... accompanied by the phrase, "oh well, if you have nothing to hide..."

Which always makes me wonder if in that case they would be similarly unconcerned about drawing their curtains at night.

Hmm, time to reread Brave New World methinks.



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