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Posted by Mondo on March 25 2008, 09:49 » Uploaded 25/03/08 10:17  

• Audit: FBI Has Outdated, Inaccurate
Information About Terror Suspects
But up-to-date, highly accurate data on protesters.

• Bin Laden Returns to Airwaves
First time since end of writers strike.

• Iraq National Unity Conference
Holds Promise of Reconciliation
Both major Sunni, Shiite political blocks boycott event.

• New Findings: Humans Walked
Upright Much Earlier Than Thought
Mothers began saying “Stand up straight” to their kids much earlier than thought.

• Pentagon Final Report: Saddam
Had No WMD or Ties to Al Qaeda
But he was a bad man.

In brief
Dalai Lama: no more Mr. Nice Guy
McCain visits Iraq on fact-ignoring mission
Transparency advocates hold closed-door session
CIA resumes torturing
Vanishing icebergs 'tip of the iceberg'
Monkeys top $100/barrel
Science shmience, says Bush science adviser
Eerie stain removed from Shroud of Turin

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