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The Great Tantra Challenge  
Posted by Jean Tollett on March 26 2008, 07:41 » Uploaded 26/03/08 08:06  

On 3 March 2008, in a popular TV show, Sanal Edamaruku, the president of Rationalist International, challenged India’s most “powerful” tantrik (black magician) to demonstrate his powers on him. That was the beginning of an unprecedented experiment. After all his chanting of mantra (magic words) and ceremonies of tantra failed, the tantrik decided to kill Sanal Edamaruku with the “ultimate destruction ceremony” on live TV. Sanal Edamaruku agreed and sat in the altar of the black magic ritual. India TV observed skyrocketing viewership rates.

Continues at link below.

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Comment 01 – Mondo March 26 2008, 16:58

I always thought that tantra was about inserting one's lingham into a yoni and then waiting for the white light to appear.

Comment 02 – Jean Tollett March 26 2008, 18:25

Teehee. Me too, except I'm sure that on the occasions when something white appears, it's not usually light. ;)






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