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Four Weddings and a Book Deal  
Posted by Board admin. on March 28 2008, 13:40 » Uploaded 28/03/08 13:41  

Actually, it's Two Book Deals and a Funeral, but that sounds too gloomy.

In the months ahead Brian is going to be working on a book, and the two others who help with the message board (Christina and myself) are also going to be busy on other things, so we've decided to close the board for the time being (that's the "funeral") - at least until it rises again from the grave, like a zombie or Christ.

There's also another book deal in the works - a big publisher has expressed interest in the "Media Hell" concept (and the subsections: fallacies, horseshit and toxic slime), but it's early days on that one.

And it's spring. Take the advice of the graffiti-gurus...

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Comment 01 – gwinnie March 29 2008, 00:15

Sounds exciting. Thanks for all you have done, and best wishes for the new projects.


Comment 02 – Board admin. March 29 2008, 11:28

Many thanks, gwinnie, and also to those who have sent us nice emails. I've now disabled the posting facility (the spam was always a bitch, I'll be happy to see the end of that).


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