God and Tony Blair


Tony Blair's advisers have prevented him from discussing his Christian faith in public. Former communications director Alastair Campbell, an avowed atheist, fears Blair could sound too much like President George W. Bush, the Daily Telegraph said.

In a recent Vanity Fair magazine interview with the Prime Minister, Campbell cut off questions about Blair's Christian faith by saying: "We don't do God."

The Times said Blair's advisers prevented him from closing his speech at the start of the Iraq war with "God bless you." The Times reported one adviser as saying: "You are talking to lots of people who don't want chaplains pushing stuff down their throats."

Blair reportedly responded: "You are the most ungodly lot I have ever..." Speechwriter Peter Hyman, who is Jewish, replied tartly: "Ungodly? Count me out."

An impromptu theological debate ensued, the Times said, with one staff member saying, "That's not the same God," and Blair replying defiantly, "It is the same God."


God and George Bush

George Bush claims to hear God. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz quotes Bush's exact words (from his mid-2003 summit in the Middle East): "God told me to strike at al-Qaida and I struck them, and then He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did".

So, the man with his finger on the nuclear button hears voices in his head. (Moscow Times, June 27, 2003)