Wage slavery TV


Occasionally, media figures cut through the horseshit on a given topic. Darcus Howe's Channel 4 program: Slave Nation: Work was a good example. Described in a Guardian TV listing as examining "the greatest threat to personal freedom in 21st-century Britain", it didn't disappoint.

Howe equated modern work with slavery – repeatedly and without equivocation (a first for mainstream TV?) Part of the show concentrated on a call centre where the employees had to dress up in silly costumes in order to create a "fun" working environment. Narrator Howe pointed out with dismay that these employees aren't aware that they're being humiliated as well as economically enslaved; that they're totally compliant and without any sense of resistance.

Howe also attended a motivational employee induction course, which he described as "infantile nonsense". By the end of the show he called for shorter working hours and a Citizen's Wage.

[Slave Nation: Work, Channel 4, 9pm 15/8/2001]