Prevent Acid Rain


Preferred State: Sustainable environmental systems for 100% of humanity

Problem State: 68 million acres of forest damaged or destroyed by acid rain

Strategy 13: Stopping Acid Rain

Acid rain is caused primarily by the emission of sulfur dioxide from coal-fired power plants. There are a number of remedies, including: switching fuel sources to natural gas, oil, or renewable energy sources; switching to low-sulfur coal; removing the sulfur from the coal before burning; using fluidized-bed combustion processes to burn the coal; and removing the sulfur from the smoke stack after combustion through the installation of pollution control equipment such as "scrubbers."


A combination of tax incentives, government regulations and direct assistance that results in pollution-control equipment being placed on all coal combustion sites, increases in efficiency of industrial processes, transportation and appliances would cost approximately $8 billion per year for ten years. This is about 1% of the world's total military expenditures.

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